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The library now has an icon available on our 10 public computers for Social Security. Through this icon, you can sign in or create an account, estimate retirement benefits, apply for benefits and other related functions.

Create a Destiny Account
To set up an account in Destiny for use at home:

1. Click the link for the library’s catalog on the circulation page of the website.
2. Click Socorro Public Library in the middle of the page.
3. Click Destiny Quest on the left hand side menu.
4. Click Create Account at the top of the page.
5. Input last name and barcode number from your library card (make sure to leave a space between the P and the number).
6. Follow prompt to set up username and password (They can be whatever you want, Ex. Username= spl password= 1234)

Congratulations! You’re done! You can now place holds and check your account from home.

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Photo: Crown Flour Mill circa 1800s